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Jan 6, 2008



Published Jan 6, 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas and New Years and my wish for you is that you and your family are happy and healthy. 

Sequence and Dutch Blitz:
It's is a fast-paced card game that I understand was created by Werner Ernst George Muller, a German immigrant from Bucks County,Pennsylvania. The game is supposed to be very popular among the Pennsylvania Amish and Dutch community.  It's a lot like playing speed solitare with three other people all at the same time. 

The Genealogy Gems video about the history of the Christmas seal called "The History of Christmas Seals"

It is also now being featured on the RootsTube Channel at Rootstelevision. 

Genealogy Gems Blog

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Maureen Taylor's blog about what to do with your Christmas cards when Christmas is over. 

Richard Yehle wrote in about  Genealogy Gems Episode 36 where I talked about the passport database at Ancestry and finding the back of the original form with the picture.   He gives some great examples of how, sometimes, there is even more to be discovered!

Richard's experience with the passports is such a great example of not just looking for what you expect to find, but looking for the unexpected. 

GEM:  Venice Interview
"May You Always" was sung by The Lennon Sisters on the Lawrence Welk Show.

Lennon Sisters Website

The Lennon Sisters are the eldest of 12 siblings in the Lennon family, and certainly NOT the only ones with musical talent.   I recently had an opportunity to meet with their younger brothers Pat and Kipp and first cousins Michael and Mark who musically merge as the group Venice. 

Watch a video of Venice performing "The Family Tree"

"The Family Tree" debuted in 1999 on the band's album entitled Spin Art. 

The Lennon Family Tree: all the guys are the grandchildren of Herbert Lennon who was born in Wisconsin.  His father John died in his thirties from a heart attack at a community picnic just before the turn of the century.  Herbert was raised by his mother Minnie under the roof of his grandparents, James and Kate Lennon.  Judge James Lennon of Appleton Wisconsin was born in Ireland in 1840 and immigrated in 1849 to America with his parents James and Mary Lennon.  James and Mary would be the great great great grandparents of the guys. 

Kipp Lennon, Lisa Cooke & Pat Lennon - Dec. 2007
(c2007 Lisa Louise Cooke all rights reserved)

Irish Roots Cafe Podcast

Jimmy Lennon Jr., Mike Tyson &
boxing announcer Jimmy Lennon.


Video:  Adobe Hacienda Video (Live)

Be sure and visit the Venice website!