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Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 05

Mar 25, 2007

Welcome!  New to the podcast?  I've left you a message on the website voice mail (right column).  Just double click "Lisa" to listen.  Then, start with the ARCHIVES link & Episode #1.  To learn more about Podcasts and how to subscribe for FREE to the Genealogy Gems Podcast (so you'll catch every new episode!), click on...

Genealogy Gems Podcast Episode 04

Mar 17, 2007

Episode: # 4  Show Notes   

I'm excited to announce a new collaborative effort with the Genealogy Tech Podcast, but first...


A Tribute to My Irish Roots...    

Margaret (nee Scully) Lynch  Born July 17, 1839 in Limerick, Ireland 

Find your Irish ancestors now with this book: 

"In Search"...

Mar 14, 2007

What is a podcast?

Podcasting, a word combining a reference to Apple's "iPod" and "broadcasting", is a method of publishing audio files to the Internet, and allowing folks like you to subscribe (usually free)  so you can receive new shows automatically. (More on how to do that below) It first became popular in late...

Genealogy Gems Podcast - 03

Mar 11, 2007

A big thanks to Bill Puller of the Genealogy Tech Podcast, for mentioning the Genealogy Gems Podcast in his March 7 blog.  I really recommend that you check out his blog / podcast.  He's got a real handle on the technical side of genealogical research & thank goodness he's sharing it with the rest of us! 

Before I get...

Genealogy Gems Podcast 02

Mar 5, 2007

GEM:  Transcription of Family Journals & Letters

Start with what you know.    Then talk to your oldest relatives first before you lose them.   

  • Ask for letters and journals 
  • Invest time into combing through and transcribing them into a digital format (such as a Word document) 
  • Print it out and go through it with a...