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Sep 25, 2007

The First Genealogy Gems Videocast: The Socks to America.
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This is the documentary spoof (or should I say "sockumentary") video about the immigration of the fictitious Sockish-Americans.  Currently...

Sep 22, 2007

Published Sept 22, 2007



RE: WorldVitalRecords - All "Recently Added Databases" on the site are offered for 10 days free when they are added.

A quick way to find keywords on a webpage such as the databases listed on World Vital Records is to use the "Find on this page" Function of Internet...

Sep 10, 2007

Published Sept 10, 2007


I'll be at the Northern Utah Genealogy Jamboree in Ogden this Saturday September 15, 2007.  Booth #302. (Listen to Episode 25)

Gem:  Organizing Your Internet Favorite Bookmarks
To Rename Bookmarked Websites in your Internet Explorer Favorites:

  1. In Internet Explorer click the...

Sep 5, 2007

Published Sept 4, 2007

Book Announcement:  Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies from Season One of the Genealogy Gems Podcast is finished and available online through Lulu Publishing. 

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It is jammed packed with genealogical gems that you can use straight from the book, or as you listen along to the podcast...