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Sep 22, 2007

Published Sept 22, 2007



RE: WorldVitalRecords - All "Recently Added Databases" on the site are offered for 10 days free when they are added.

A quick way to find keywords on a webpage such as the databases listed on World Vital Records is to use the "Find on this page" Function of Internet Explorer:

  1. From the homepage click on the the  "Browse all recently added databases" link
  2. From the top of this page that has the entire listing of databases press the Control key and letter E key on your keyboard at the same time which will access the edit menu
  3. Press the letter F on your keyboard to access "Find on this page" function.  This will make the FIND window pop up.
  4. Type your key word in the search box in the Find window
  5. Click the NEXT button

RE: Judy Gorman's email:  Socks to America Video

Rootstelevision chose "The Socks to America" as their homepage video last weekend.  It now appears on their Roots Living Channel and Roots Tube channel.

Sock it to Me!  Express your Sockish-American side with Socks to America Posters and Mugs!  They would make hilarious holiday presents for your fellow genealogists.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Many listeners burn the podcast to CD for listening away from their computer, and I think donating them to your local genealogy society after you are done with them is a great idea.  Here is a link to an official Genealogy Gems Podcast CD Label.   It's formatted specifically for CD Stomper Label System which I use to create all kinds of professional looking labels for CDs and DVDs.   

Genealogy Societies are also welcome to use excerpts from my newsletter in their society newsletter when they include the following author credit "by Lisa L. Cooke, The Genealogy Gems Podcast at". 

GEM: Interview with DearMYRTLE -
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DearMYRTLE's Book "The Joy of Genealogy"
DearMYRTLE's Family History Hour can be found in iTunes and at her website