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Episode 20 - German Homeland Part 2, Freedom of Information Act, Christmas in July

Jul 25, 2007


Published July 29, 2007

Book Recommendation:  Home and Home Again by George and Helen Papashvily.

GEM:  German Homeland - Part 2

Here's a checklist of other types of records that might contain information about your ancestor's home town.

  1. Death Certificates
  2. Marriage records
  3. Church...

Episode 19 - A Long Look Sideways, Finding German Towns

Jul 15, 2007


Published July 15, 2007

GEM:  A Long Look Sideways

Have you ever heard the piece of genealogical advice that says if you get stuck with your own ancestor, look sideways  - at their siblings, aunts and uncles?  Well in this episode we stretch this idea even further by looking at folks who aren't even related...

Episode 18 - Colorado History, Vehicular Forensics

Jul 8, 2007

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SHOW NOTES Published July 8, 2007 

GEM:  Colorado History

The song That Railroad Rag performed by Edward an Edison Recording from 1912, Courtesy of the University of California, Santa Barbara   

Colorado Historical Society 

Georgetown Loop Page

Georgetown Loop Railroad website

Colorado State...