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Genealogy Gems Podcast 02

Mar 5, 2007

GEM:  Transcription of Family Journals & Letters

Start with what you know.    Then talk to your oldest relatives first before you lose them.   

  • Ask for letters and journals 
  • Invest time into combing through and transcribing them into a digital format (such as a Word document) 
  • Print it out and go through it with a highlighter 
  • Highlight, names, places, dates, etc. 
  • Create a list of the highlighted items and do a Google search on each (both text & images where applicable) 

Transcription is worth it! 

One of my inspirations:  the autobiography of my husband's grandfather Raymond Harry Cooke born March 6, 1894 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, England.    This journal led to the discovery of the following photograph...

The Rose Theatre Staff  in 1914 (Material courtesy of the City of Regina Archives":

Bottom left corner: Raymond Harry Cooke.  To his upper right, Miss Belle Osborne.  They later married, and remained so for over 50 years.

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