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Dec 10, 2007

Published Dec 10, 2007


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GEM:  U.S. Passport Applications on
My Genealogy Gems News Blog from December 5, 2007 continued...Not wanting to leave the database empty handed, I decided to search for some of my favorite Hollywood film stars: Mary Pickford and Douglas Fairbanks.   

Lesson 1:  Be sure when you are searching the database to click the NEXT button and check the backside of the application page for a photo.


Douglas Fairbanks & Mary Pickford Passport Photos

Lesson #2:  If your ancestors were servants or employees of those that may have traveled, it would be worth searching for those employers. 

GEM:  The History of Sound Recordings
You know the invention of sound recording was quite a milestone in genealogy if you think about it.  Never before had we had documentation of our ancestors voices.  There is certainly something very special about hearing not just the words, but the tone, and inflections. 

Well, all of this sound recording was made possible by Thomas Edison, who 130 years ago this week .
University of California, Santa Barbara

Book: Innovate Like Edison
A new book by Edison's Great Grand-niece Sarah Miller Caldicott  and Michael Gelb.  

The Life of Thomas A. Edison at the Library of Congress
Recorded Sound Reference Center at the Library of Congress

for making your own family history sound recordings.

#1  Get a reliable and affordable method of digital recording.
Free recording/editing software: Audacity

For portable recording you could use a handheld digital recorder, but I like to use my iPod with the Micro Memo Digital Voice Recorder
Using your iPod as a Family History Tool from Episode 22 of the Genealogy Gems Podcast. 

#2 Make A List of Those You Would Like to Interview

#3  Prepare Your Questions Ahead of Time

#4  Keep The Interview Relaxed And Comfortable.

#5  Don't Worry About Getting Everything The First Time

#6  Respect the interviewees wishes

#7  Take The Time To Edit

#8  Make Cataloguing A Priority

#9 Get Written Permission If You Plan On Sharing The Recording

#10 Follow up with a thank you