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Jan 20, 2008

Published Jan 20, 2008


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1890 census: visit the National Archives pages



Diana Larson wrote to recommend the American Girl Collection: 

"The American Girls Collection books are a great way for children (and adults) to learn about children living through different periods in American historyâAlthough the stories themselves are fictional, they are thoroughly researched, and each book concludes with a brief section containing factual information, photographs, and artwork about that particular time period..."

Cathy Paris wrote in about the podcast.  View her family history videos about her dad, Gil Merrill born in 1913 in Franklin, NH

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GEM: Lisa's History Podcast Picks

Binge Thinking History
By Tony Cocks

Dan Carlin's  Hardcore History

Digging for the Truth by the History Channel
Josh Bernstein is the host of this series on the History Channel. 
Season One.   2005.    4 episodes.
Season Two 2006.  12 episodes

History According to Bob 
Website:'s website devoted to WWI history:

The History Capsule - discontinued

History Center - From the History Channel

History In Our Time - BBC Radio 4

Historyzine: The History Podcast by Jim Mowatt

You Are There by Dennis Humphrey
presents history through Old Time Radio programs. 

Just Another Day - The History Channel videocast hosted by Adam Hart-Davis.  

Matt's Today in History

My History Can Beat Up Your Politics PodcastWebsite:


The National Archives Podcast Series
Podcast Website
National Archives Website:

Tudor Cast by Laura Eakins


Abilene and Taylor County, Texas History Podcast
Stories , legends, and tales b David Gibson

DELWARE:  This Day in Delaware History. 
Brief historical facts from the first state in the Union compiled by the Deleware Archives. 

INDIANA:  Moments of Indiana History
Produced by WFIU Public Media in Bloomington, IN.

MINNESOTA:  Almanac: Hands on History
Twin Cities Public Television

MISSOURI:  Missouri Irish History and Legend: Ireland to America
Website Michael O'Laughlin of the Irish Roots Podcast

OZARKSShiloh Museum of Ozark History
The Museum is located in Springdale, Arkansas  

PENNSYLVANIA:  Explore PA History
Produced by WITF radio in Pennsylvania, this podcast covers a wide range of topics and at last count had 66 episodes!

SAN FRANCISCO:  Sparkletack The San Francisco History Podcast

Valley Forge History & Culture
By the National Park Service. 

GEM:  Heritage Quilts 

             Lenora HERRING              William Jefferson MOORE

                         The Quilt found in the suitcase

"This quilt is for Ronald L. Moore.   It is the last quilt his Grandmother Herring made before her stroke and death.  She loved him so much.  I love you so very much Ron. 
I am so proud of you as a son.  All My Love, Mother"

A job started really by her mother Lenora Herring who had made the quilt.  From great grandmother Herring to my young daughters, the quilt had spanned five generations of us stubborn Moores, and brought us all back together again. 

Here's a photo of the flour sack quilt that Carolyn refers to in the video:

The quilts have always cared for the family - first warming them and then bringing them together, and now leading us to other ancestors we didn't know.  Women may not have had a lot of time to use the power of the pen to document history, but they did have some mighty powerful sewing needles!

Coming Soon: An expert quilter who will pass on some ideas for all of us on how to properly care for our heritage quilts.