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Sep 13, 2017

The Genealogy Gems Podcast

Episode 207

with Lisa Louise Cooke

In this episode, Lisa welcomes Mary Tedesco, a co-host of PBS’ Genealogy Roadshow. Mary shares stories and tips about tracing Italian and Italian-American roots. Also:

FamilySearch updates since the end of microfilm lending (and how YOU helped make the...

Aug 22, 2017

Change is something we can always count on, but that doesn't make it any easier, does it? Understanding why the change is happening, how it affects you personally, and what you can do to adapt, does. So, when FamilySearch announced the end of their long-standing microfilm lending program, I immediately sought out the...

Aug 10, 2017

The Genealogy Gems Podcast

with Lisa Louise Cooke

In this Blast from the Past episode:

Lisa reprises a favorite research detour into vehicle forensics—to identify an old family car—and shares tips for creating short family history books like those she given as holiday gifts to loved ones.

Hear letters from...

Jul 11, 2017

The Genealogy Gems Podcast

Episode #205

with Lisa Louise Cooke

This episode breaks two huge pieces of genealogy news and shares two great conversations:

FamilySearch ends microfilm lending:  how you can get the records you need;

RootsMagic adds compatibility: sync your tree to your master...

Jun 15, 2017

The Genealogy Gems Podcast

Episode #204

with Lisa Louise Cooke

Canadian expert Dave Obee shares the story of the Canadian home children tips on newspaper research. Also in this episode:

New site features at MyHeritage, including improved DNA ethnicity analysis (it’s free—upload your DNA!);

An excerpt from the...