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Aug 5, 2010

Published August 5, 2010



Canadian Census


Read Shannon Proudfoot's article at the Vancouver Sun online about why genealogists are up in arms about the new restrictions on Canadian census information.    


National Archives UK

Take a listen to the National Archives UK podcast episode Counting The People that explores the creation of the census, with the mass organisation of enumerators, temporary clerks, permanent civil service clerks and registrars, and according to the podcast webpage, it includes fascinating stories that lie behind each census, to help us better understand the records we think we know so well.


U.S. census training films online 

The US censuses are released when they are 72 years old so the 1940 Census is due out in 2012.  Watch short training films for U. S. Census enumerators.


Family Tree Magazine 

Listen to the new July 2010 episode of the Family Tree Magazine Podcast featuring my interview with David Fryxell who’s article Fancy Free features the brand new 101 Best websites for genealogy research which just came out in the September 2010 issue of the magazine.


Online Classes 

Family Tree University 

Free Webinar

 Ask the Editors: Family Tree Magazine Answers Your Questions


Recorded Webinar

How to Find Living Relatives: Unleash Your Inner Private Eye.

Get the full hour video recorded webinar as part of your Genealogy Gems Premium eLearning membership. There’s a TON of information there for you including some little known websites providing online access to information. 




Over 12 million digital images from thousands of microfilm, representing 8 countries, were published online for free viewing this month at FamilySearch’s Record Search pilot (, click Search Records, and then click Record Search pilot) and coming soon to

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Granite Mountain Records Vault - Part 1


Granite Mountain Records Vault – Part 2


New Google Images

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"I recieved my copy of "Internet Genealogy" magazine today. One of the articles is called Genealogy Podcasts.... Where to download your favoriite shows! I am happy to report that the very first Podcast listed in the articel is none other than my favorite "The Genealogy Gems Podcast"! Congratulations Lisa! You're the BEST!!!"


Cherie Bonebright Baxter on Facebook


Brandt's Rants


July 24th is "Cousins Day"


Listener Tim thinks that would be a great day for a family reunion.
“I really enjoy the podcast ... keep up the great work!” 


Lacey comes up with gems too! Family History calendars for Christmas presents. Create a family history Calendar at lulu 


Thanks to Listener Belinda for bringing a neat film project to our attention.


And the Iron Did Swim: A Documentary


Will of Louisiana writes:

“I must say I have really enjoyed the extremely useful information! I started by downloading your first podcast and have "listening" my way toward the most current.” 


Is there a way to access these Agricultural and/ or Manufacturing Census records online?


Nonpopulation Schedules at NARA including Agriculture and Manufacturing

Family History: Genealogy Made Easy Podcast Episode 9 & 10


US Gen Web


GEM: Interview with Janice Nickerson

Project Genealogist for Who Do You Think You Are? Canada

Specialist in early Ontario (Upper Canada) records.


Who Do You Think You Are? at the CBC website

The Contact Page including Email for the Canadian Broadcasting Centre
Call toll-free phone (Canada only): 866-306-4646

Steven Page Episode


Chantal Kreviazuk Episode