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May 19, 2012

May 19, 2012

Discover what Dr. Henry Louis Gates hope to convey in the final episode of his series Finding Your Roots.



I just returned from NGS and had a chance to visit with many listeners including:

Lisa Lisson of the Are You My Cousin? blog   and Debra writes the Deb’s Research blog


I also taught classes while there.  My first class was on using the iPad for Genealogy, and while I think the students learned a lot, I know I certainly did. Folks were coming up to me throughout the conference sharing their favorite apps and tricks.

Great app for the Kids: Talking Tom Cat (Android) 


GEM: App Jumping

If you have an iPad, you probably find yourself using a couple of different apps at a time. 

When you are in an app, just use four fingers and swipe side to side to jump from app to app that you currently have open.  For this to work you need to make sure that you have “Multi-tasking Gestures” activated under the “General” tab in your Settings.


GEM: Four Finger Swipe

Now as you are doing the Four Finger Swipe you’ll probably notice that you have some apps open that you no longer need open, and if they are open they are taking up battery resources. It’s a good idea to close these down, which is more than just pressing the HOME button to get out of the app. Use four fingers and swipe from bottom to top and this will reveal a horizontal line of the apps you have open.  Press and hold one of the apps to start them all shaking and a minus sign will appear on each. Press the minus sign on each app you are not currently using to close them.  



Ancestry publishes collection of WWII Cadet Nursing Corp Files

New National Archives Video Gives an Inside Look at Civil War Widow’s Pension Digitization Project


1940 Census Update from FamilySearch


GEM: Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr.

What does it mean to be Latino? On May 19, 2012, the season finale of Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the PBS TV series that explores race and identity through the genealogy of some of America’s best-known personalities, seeks to answer that question. Through the family histories of actors Michelle Rodriguez and Adrian Grenier, and Linda Chavez, an author, syndicated newspaper columnist and political analyst for FOX News, viewers will discover that Latino identity emerged from the tangled histories of European, Native-American and African peoples.

The three subjects of Sunday’s episode all share Spanish colonial roots, yet each views their identity very differently: as Native American, Puerto Rican, Dominican or simply Latino.

At the helm of this series is Henry Louis Gates Jr.  He holds a Ph.D. in English Literature, and is the Alphonse Fletcher University Professor at Harvard University, as well as the director of the W.E.B Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research. He’s best known for PBS productions like African American Lives, Oprah’s Roots, and African American Lives 2.

This week I was fortunate to grab some time with this very busy man to talk about the final episode of this newest series, Finding Your Roots.  

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