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Oct 2, 2007

Published Oct 2, 2007

Episode 28 Show Notes

The first Genealogy Gems videocast was published last week: The Socks to America.  Also available in the Genealogy Gems app. 

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Logitech WebcamNot only can you send video emails super quick and easy, but you can select one of their animated characters that you supply the voice for.

Anytime you access Amazon through the links on my website and purchase any item on the Amazon site, you are supporting this podcast which I really appreciate!  Thanks to you guys I was able this week to double my podcast storage space which means I can create longer podcasts and also publish videocasts for you.  I hope you'll keep this in mind as we approach the holidays and you start doing your Christmas shopping.  It's because of you that the Genealogy Gems Podcast, website and videocasts are possible.  Thank you! 


My Lady of the Telephone was performed by Joseph A. Phillips and chorus for Edison Records in 1915   

Interview with Carolyn Ender from Texas who has conducted dozens of cold call research calls. 

1) Identify the person you want to call 

2) Locate the Person's Phone Number 

3) Plan ahead  

Consider recording the conversation
Consider getting a hands free phone  
Consider time zones.  
Choose a time when you are not rushed 
Briefly review the family you are researching  
Make note of specific questions you would like to ask. 
Have your genealogy software program open   

4) Get up the "nerve" to call  - Be prepared.  Say to yourself:  "I can do this.  This is important."  Remember, all they can do is say "no thank you."

5) Introduce Yourself  -   Immediately identify yourself with first & last name & town.  Indicate any family connection. Indicate who referred you to them.

6) Where to Begin  - Talk about the family line you are researching  
Explain how you thought you might be related. 

7) Reluctant Relatives  -  Share what youâve learned.  Share your own memories of a shared relative.   Mention something of particular interest in the family tree that might pique their interest.   Offer to mail them some information and call again once theyâve had a chance to look at it. 

8) During the Call  - Take notes during the phone call.  Confirm information that you already have

9) When There's No Answer  - Leave a voice mail your name, number, why you are calling, & offer to call back. 

10) Must Ask? Questions 

  1.  Mailing address 
  2.  Their birth date 
  3.  Family photos, bible, documents? Copies only of course! 
  4.  Can I keep in touch? 
  5.  Can you suggest anyone else I might contact? 

11) Wrapping up the call   - Thank them for their time.  Ask for email address. Offer to give them your address and phone number. 

 12) Create Documentation  Be sure to include the person's name, address, phone number and date of conversation.

13) Enter data into your genealogy database  -  This is a must.  Do it right away while it's on your mind 

14) Create a To Do List  -  Go through the notes you typed with a highlighter pen to mark items you will want to research further.    

15) Follow-up  Thank you card  Birthday cards & Christmas card  Follow up calls     

GEM:  Sweet Land