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Aug 12, 2007

Published August 12, 2007

"I also wanted to share a couple of photographs with you, she says.  During your third episode, you talked about creative ways to display your family history treasures, and I wanted to share with you something absolutely wonderful my aunt did for me.

When my grandmother had to downsize and move into an assisted living facility, my aunt stumbled upon a beautiful silk baby dress and a pair of leather button-up baby shoes that had belonged to my grandmother.  She had these framed for me along with a photograph of my grandmother on her 1st birthday wearing them!  She gave the finished product to me because she knew how much I am fascinated by our family's history.  Sincerely,  Diana 

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket   Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Eleanor Mae Lees - 1st birthday

Email from Barbara Murphy, NY:
"On this weeks episode #21 you were talking about writing your memories. I received a book from my daughter last Christmas that does just what you are talking about.  It is "A Mother's LegacyYour life story in your own words.  I think it is terrific because there was no way I was going to write anything anytime.  This book is a month by month calendar book.  Each month has questions to write about"

Update: Anna-Karin's Swedish Genealogical Podcast is no longer being published.

Use the time while you"re downloading podcasts to make a few entries into a memory book!  That's a gem of an idea!

GEM:  Turn Your Video iPodInto A Family History Tool 

MicroMemo High-Fidelity Digital Audio Recorder for the Video iPod by XtremeMac

The Micro memo snaps easily into the connector at the base of the video ipod.  It has a flexible microphone and built in speaker. When you plug it into your ipod it automatically puts your ipod in Voice Memo mode with the option to start recording.

How To Record

  1. From Voice Memo mode Select RECORD
  2. When you're done you just select STOP AND SAVE

How To Download Recordings to Your Computer

  1. Plug iPod into your computer
  2. Open up iTunes (it will detect that you have new recorded voice memos on your iPod, and will ask you if you would like to download them into iTunes.)
  3. Click OK

How Two Use Two Desktop Microphones For An Interview

  1. UnPlug the MicroMemo microphone from the MicroMemo unit
  2. Plug in a Microphone & Headphone Splitter
  3. Plug two computer desktop microphones into the splitter

How To Record With An External Microphone Or Other Source In Stereo

  1. UnPlug the MicroMemo microphone from the MicroMemo unit
  2. Flip the switch above the microphone jack on the Micro Memo to LINE. 
  3. Plug in your stereo microphone or cable from other source into MicroMemo
  4. Record as usual

How To Load Images Onto Your Video iPod:

  1. Create a IPOD IMAGES file folder on your computer
  2. Scan or copy photos and documents and save them to the file
  3. Plug your iPod into your computer
  4. Open up iTunes.
  5. From the gray menu tabs Click PHOTOS
  6. Click the SYNC PHOTOS FROM box
  7. Click the gray box to choose a folder from your hard drive.  (This will open a window called BROWSE FOR FOLDER.  Navigate your way to your IPOD IMAGES folder.)
  8. Click on the IPOD IMAGES folder (the folder icon will open but you won't see image files)
  9. Click the OK button.
  10. Click the ALL PHOTO button
  12. Click the gray APPLY at the bottom right corner of the screen.

ITunes has now copied all of the photos from that folder onto your iPod.  You'll see that happening in the box at the top of the Itunes screen.

How To View Your Images On Your iPod

  1. Eject your iPod from iTunes.  The main menu will appear on iPod video screen.
  2. Select PHOTOS from iPod menu
  3. Select PHOTO LIBRARY to view thumbnail images
  4. Scroll to the image you want to view and select it

How To View Your iPod Photos And Videos On Your Television

  1. You will need:  A/V Cable for the video iPod
  2. Plug one end of the cable into the headphone jack of your iPod
  3. Plug the three plugs into the corresponding yellow, white & red jacks on your TV.
  4. Turn on your ipod
  5. From menu select VIDEOS
  7. Select TV OUT and set it to âONâ?
  8. Click the MENU button and go back and select the video you want to watch
  9. Press play
  10. You will probably need to change your TV tuner to an AV input

How To Create A Photo Slideshows In Your iPod

  1. Start at PHOTOS menu
  2. Select Slideshow Settings. 
  3. Set the time per slide (I suggest 5 seconds)
  4. Select MUSIC. Select a music Playlist, or Random. 
  5. Set the REPEAT and SHUFFLE PHOTOS settings to OFF.
  6. Select TRANSITIONS  (I like Dissolve)
  7. Navigate your way back to the PHOTOS page
  8. Select the folder of photos you want to play as your slide show.
  9. When you see the list of thumbnails and the yellow box is around the first image youâre ready to go so hit play. 

So now you can gather the family around the television set and share your photos, and videos in big, living color with your Video iPod

I hope if you do purchase any of the items I mentioned today, you'll do it through the links on my website.  The links simply tell the vendor who referred you.  The price is the same and your personal information goes ONLY to the vendor.  By purchasing through my website link, you help support this podcast and defer the production costs.  So we all win.

Your iPod is fun AND hard working.  Happy listening AND viewing!!