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Episode 13 - WWII Service Records, Publish Your Family History Book

May 20, 2007

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket  SHOW NOTES   Published May 20, 2007

Ragtime music is by the talented Frederick Hodges 

From the MAILBOX
from Allan Scahill: 
List of genealogical resources that can be found in the home:  

GEM #1 - Memorial Day - WW II Service Records

Music courtesy of the University of Santa Barbara Library featuring the Chorus of Male Voices singing U.S. Army Camp Songs, an Edison recording from 1918

Two free must check websites:

#1 NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration)  Search the WWII enlistment records and prisoner of War records at

#2 Search for soldiers traveling overseas or returning home after the war with Steve Morse's All New York Arrivals Search form  

For more information & historical background on Memorial Day: 
U.S. Memorial Day website

GEM #2 Publish Your Own Family History Book

My videos A Nurse In Training Part 1 & Part 2 can be seen at on their RootsTube channel (See Episode 5 of the Genealogy Gems Podcast)  The video was taken from a book that I self published.  Books are still hard to beat for telling a story in words and pictures in an extremely easy to use way.

My Top Six Tips For Making Your Book Fascinating to Your Reader:

#1 The book should convey an overall theme  
#2 Be readable in one sitting  
#3 Contain the best of the best of what you have
#4 Use lots of photos and graphics
#5 Be in chronological order
#6 Be high QUALITY

I create my books in the Kodakgallery.  There are several websites out there offering the ability to publish your own book.  I chose Kodakgallery because it was easy to use, price competitive, FAST publishing & shipping, and Excellent quality.

For my Family History Books I use:

The Classic Photo Book (9" x 10 1/4") 
10-20 double sided pages
Leather cover (I've also used linen & smooth matte) 
Time After Time Page Design  

I'm going to walk you through the steps of setting up a book in Kodak Gallery because it's a resource I feel very comfortable recommending.  If you decide to use Kodak, I really appreciate you accessing it through this link because it will help support the production & costs associated with producing this podcast. 

Capture it. Upload it. Give it. 

  1. In the Photo Books area of the website click CREATE BOOK
  2. Select a cover material that compliments the theme and contents of the book.Click the NEXT button.
  3. Choose a page design for your book.
  4. Click NEXT A box will pop up - select fill page by page Add content to your book.
  5. Anywhere you see a text box click inside of it and start typing.
  6. To upload photos look below the image of the book and click the Upload Photos link. 
  7. Browse your hard drive and select the photos and images you want to include
  8. Grab the photo with your mouse and drag & drop it into the DRAG PHOTO HERE box
  9. Keep clicking next page until you have filled all the pages. 

A Nurse In Training  

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Remember, your research CAN be fascinating and understandable to others in your family.  It just takes a little creativity and effort.  What good is it sitting on a shelf?  Don't wait until your DONE with your research.  It'll never happen!  Start putting pieces of your family history directly into your family's hands with a beautiful family history book.    

You can email me with comments & questions.