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Epsiode 01 Premiere Episode

Mar 3, 2007

Episode 01 February 25, 2007

by Lisa Louise Cooke

My goal in creating this podcast is to provide you with inspiration and innovation to help you get the most of out your research time.  There's never enough time to work on your family tree, is there? So when you have some precious moments to dig into your roots, you want to be mining gold nuggets, not dead ends. 

Genealogy Gem: allows you to restrict search results to a specific website.  

1 - Go to your favorite genealogy website
2 - Highlight the website address (URL)
3 - Hit the Control key and the letter C at the same time on your keyboard  (this copies the website address to your computer's clipboard.)
4 - Go to
5 - Click in the Google search box to place your cursor there
6 - Hit the Control key and the letter V at the same time on your keyboard  (this pastes the website address in the search box that you just copied from the other site.)
7 - Hit the HOME key on your keyboard (this takes your curser to the beginning of the URL address in the search box)
8 - Now type a keyword you want to search (a surname for instance)
9 - Hit the space bar on your keyboard
10-Then type SITE: (be sure to include the colon after the word SITE:)
11- Click the SEARCH button

You will receive search results just like a regular Google search, except these results show only pages where your keyword appears in the website you chose to search, rather than every website on the internet!

Believe me, once you use this gem, you will never go back to slogging through hundreds of pages that have nothing to do with your family.  Try it today!

I hope you'll subscribe to this podcast so you won't miss a single gem packed episode.   Email me with feedback, suggestions, and questions.