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Jun 7, 2009

Published June 7, 2009

GEM: 65th Anniversary of D-Day

I've written a blog post about the D-Day anniversary that includes an article that appeared in the Yorkshire Post about how the memory of WWII is slipping through the cracks of time. 

In my own family my grandfather's brother Elzie Cecil Moore who we called Uncle Elzie participated in the invasion of Normandy and received the bronze star and a purple heart for a shot he took to his shoulder during the invasion.  Shortly after that he received a second purple hear for a shot he received through his face.  Growing up I always noticed that scar on his chin and thought it was a cute dimple, not realizing until I started asking questions about family history that it was from a bullet.

Above:  Elzie in Boot Camp

My Grandmother Pauline Moore worked at the Kaiser Shipyard in Richmond, California building the Navy ships that sailed the Pacific.  She was the secretary to the Dock Yard Manager for Yard #2 and that meant that she helped hire and process all the Rosies.   In fact, when the Yard was finally closed down at the end of the war, Grandma was the last women through the gates.  Like so many women she sacrified time with my dad was born in 1939 and was not yet in school.  But she often told me it was one of the happiest times in her life because everyone was pulling together.


Above:  Grandma Pauline during WWII

Check out the post D Day Anniversary on the Genealogy Gems Blog where you will find a link to the Yorkshire Post as well as a video of the events of D Day.    

On the genealogy conference front there are several great events coming up:    

The Family History Expo in Loveland, Colorado June 12 - 13, 2009.  

The Southern California Genealogical Jamboree in Burbank, CA on  June 26 - 28, 2009 which I'll be attending. I'll be teaching two classes on Google, a beginning and Advanced, and I'll also be on the panel for the Son of a Blogger Summitt with Dick Eastman, Steve Danko, DearMyrtle, George Morgan and others.  And when I'm not doing that I'll be at the Family Tree Magazine booth in exhibit hall.   

I'll also be at the Family History Expo in Salt Lake City, Utah August 28 & 29, 2009 

Genealogy Records Update:
In May of 2009 FamilySearch announced that it has published millions of records from Southern states to its free online collection.        

The most recent additions to the Indexing Project:    
Alabama Statewide Deaths 1908 to 1974 (Index) 
Arkansas County Marriages: 1837 to 1957 
Civil War Pension Index Cards (Digital Images) 
Florida Deaths 1877 to 1939 (Index) 
Florida State Censuses: 1855, 1935, 1945 (Digital Images) 
Georgia Deaths 1914 to 1927 
Louisiana War of 1812 Pension Lists (Images) 
North Carolina, Davidson County Marriages and Deaths, 1867-1984 (Digital Images) 
Texas Death Index 1964 to 1998 (Index) 
Texas Deaths 1890 to 1976  
West Virginia Births 1853 to 1990 (Index) 
West Virginia Marriages 1853 to 1970 (Index) 
West Virginia Deaths 1853 to 1970 (Index)

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GEM: Interview with Kathy Meade of

Lisa talks with Kathy about Genline's new Transcription Service

Also check out Lisa's other interview with Kathy Meade in the June 2009 episode of the Family Tree Magazine Podcast     

Swedish Parish Look Up  
You need to be registered, but no credit card is required to register.    Visit with Kathy in person at the upcoming Family History Expo in Loveland, Colorado on June 12 - 13, 2009. 

She will also be at the Southern California Genealogical Jamboree in Burbank, CA June 26 - 28, 2009. 

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GEM: Paper of Record / Google News Archive
Here's a comprehensive list of what is currently online in the Google News Archive, as well as content that will be added in the next three months, and the records that at this point in time will not be added due to lack of display rights.