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Dec 19, 2007

Published Dec 19, 2007

Follow up to Episode 26 & the Passport Database at Ancestry...Will Haskell told us about his grandfather, Merrill Haskell, traveled to Russia in 1919 in his work as a public accountant for the YMCA. 

Merrill Haskell's Passport application -
but the woman's photo on the left doesn't match.

A turn of the page reveals his grandfather!

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GEM: The History of the Christmas Seal - How Our Ancestors Made A Difference!
It's very likely that your great grandparents, grandparents and parents put Christmas Seals on the Christmas cards and packages.  It all started on a stormy December night in 1903 a postman named Einar Holboell was working late in a post office sorting large piles of Christmas mail:

Put this stamp with message bright
On every Christmas letter;
Help the tuberculosis fight,
And make the New Year better. 
The American Lung Association

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Watch the Song: End of a Perfect Day from the Christmas Movie Remember the Night