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Nov 4, 2007

Published Nov 4, 2007

Episode 32 Show Notes
Listener Mailbox, and Invite Your Ancestors to Christmas!

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Episode 27

The Mailbox: 

Email From Dave Green:

"Attached (is) a find on ebay. I hadn't thought to look there for family mementos. I typed in the tiny town of Fiat, IN and it came back with a matchbook from the store my grandparents had owned there!  Thanks for the valuable gem."

Email from Judy in Memphis:

Hi, Lisa, a few weeks ago I contacted you and said I was going to do the Sweet Memories candy bars this Christmas. I thought you would enjoy seeing how they turned out! I have only actually put the candy in two to try it out but will wait until closer to Christmas so the candy will be fresh. I used the 3.5 oz Dove Bars, dark chocolate. I will send them to 47  people in the family who will enjoy the candy and hopefully the memories. The front says:  "In Memory of Daddy, (Kenneth) who gave us our love of chocolate and Mother (Mildred) who made all those wonderful desserts. Love, Judy."  The three children on the front are my two sisters and me at Christmas about 1946. The picture on the back is of the same children and our parents, about 1960. I hope they enjoy this little gift. Thanks so much for the idea.

Again, I love the podcast and have gotten a lot of useful information. You make it really fun.

GEM:  Invite Your Ancestors to Christmas - Create A Family History Christmas Wreath

Joy to the World  Edison Records  1906  

This week, I"m very please to be publishing my first Christmas project instructional video sharing with you how to create your own family history Christmas Wreath.  This wreath is so beautiful, and I'm really excited to have found a way to incorporate more wonderful family photos into our holiday decorations.  I've done my best to give you step by step instructions so that you can make your wreath right along with me. 

Watch the four part video which in total runs about 35 minutes - Here's an example:  Part 1

I really hope that you will take the time to create this lovely wreath.  I had so much fun making it, and I've already gotten oos and ahs from people who have seen it. I guarantee if you invest your love and time into making it, it will be appreciated by everyone who sees it.

And I would love to see your finished projects!  So email me a photo as Judy from Memphis did with her Christmas candy bars.  It would be inspiration for us all!